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April 25, 2013
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Ludicolo by ZAZL Ludicolo by ZAZL
Water type entry #2 for :iconkame-ghost:'s collab thingie

God I hate that stupid duck in game, the rival's one in emerald >.>

At least here I manage to make it look less ridiculous, if a bit too close to my brelooms :U

You suck ludicolo, and I hate you, but damn if I didn't find a way to make you look less retarded.
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Kame-Ghost May 1, 2013  Student Digital Artist
;o; So badass
I actually liked Ludicolo when I was younger (because in that one pokemon short he would appear randomly and dance with the lombre when the music started or something hurr)
Thankie Kame :D

I never knew ludicolo in his dancing phase :Ua but I imagine it was funny :dance:
Truth be told, I was never that big a fan of Ludicolo's design in game, mainly because I really liked Lombre's design, the evolution kinda ruined it.

I seriously love what you did with his design here! He looks seriously badass.
(and ponchos are cools UuU)
All the ponchos :U

It really bugs me when evos go in random directions, when they don't look like a natural progression from one to the next. Happens way too often (looking at you oshawatt) and gen 3 is a big offender.

My first go through ruby I HATED sceptile['s tail] and aggron['s weird blocky crap] because they were such huge departures from their pre evolutions' aesthetics. It wasn't enough that I couldn't enjoy the third forms, but it retroactively ruined the entire line for me, and I fuckin love the aron line. They do the same thing with whismur, but in reverse.

Eventually I just redesigned them all in my head so I could love them again T>T
Yeah man I know how you feel, it does kinda bug me as well. Aggron doesn't bug me a whole lot because I think the final form looks awesome as hell, but yeah I also remember not liking Sceptile too much because of how drastically different it was from the rest of the line.

I honestly think Ludicolo is by far the biggest change, and while it is a cool Pokemon, I kinda which they went a little differently with it's design. ;v;
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